AboutFuture Psych Solutions

We know that life can be hard. It’s unfair. It beats us up sometimes. Sometimes people that we care about will hurt us deeply. Things unfortunately don’t turn out the way that we plan. When life hurts, we have to do life together. None of us can do it alone.

At Future Psych Solutions we take the time to truly understand our clients. We strive to help our clients overcome and learn to cope with their mental and emotional distress and lead them toward mental and emotional harmony. (#ME Harmony). We specialize in out-of-the box interventions that other offices may not offer. We also can offer traditional therapy and medication interventions. Most importantly we create a warm and nurturing environment and a true sense of community where you can feel confident that you have a team to help you through life.

M.D., M.S.


Founder, Child Psychiatrist, Depression Expert

The mental health system is broken! Clients routinely experience long wait times to be evaluated and treated. Underfunding by insurance companies have pushed psychiatrist into rushed visits that ultimately result in low-quality care, a poor experience for the patient and the provider, and limited improvement in symptoms.

Welcome to Future Psych Solutions. My name is Dr. Don A. DuBose and I am the founder and CEO of Columbia’s first truly integrative and holistic emotional and mental wellness center. We specialize in conquering some of the societies most difficult mental health needs by providing a variety of mental wellness services in a progressive and welcoming office space.

Our heart is in providing innovative and effective treatments for Treatment-Resistant Depression, ADHD, and opiate dependence issues. We offer services that you can’t get anywhere else all conveniently located downtown Columbia. I have recruited some of the best experts from around the United States to provide the best possible care.

We provide traditional outpatient services but what makes us truly unique is our robust array of complementary treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Ketamine Infusion Therapy, Suboxone Therapy, Micro-current Therapy, Advanced Genetic Testing and much more.

Liberate yourself from debilitating depression and emotional distress! Come experience the future of mental health care, contact us now at Future Psych Solutions and experience truly integrative psychiatric solutions for the toughest mental health problems.




Dr. Melinda Thiam is a board-certified psychiatrist who has a passion for improving the mental and physical health of my patients. She has spent the first part of her career in the military, where she developed a passion for working with active duty service members as well as the military family. Throughout her career, Dr. Thiam witnessed how the stigma of mental illness prevented individuals from seeking treatment. She has seen both active duty service members and military family members avoid treatment due to fear that that seeking/receiving mental health would destroy their career. She’s had the privilege of treating service members and family members who were able to bravely come forward and seek treatment—these individuals found that there was hope that with treatment, and they did become well again. Now that Dr. Thiam has retired from the military, she has a soft spot for military service members, military families, and veterans.

Dr. Thiam approaches treatment from a holistic perspective, and value medication and psychotherapy. She is not here to push medication on you and shove you out the door. Her desire is to work with you in collaborative form to find a treatment that works for you. In addition to perinatal mental health, She works with depression, anxiety, ADHD and trauma-related disorders.

Her favorite passion/largest area of expertise is women’s mental health- in particular women’s mental health surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period and new motherhood. Dr. Thiam started her career in pediatrics and saw many mothers suffer in silence as they found that pregnancy was not the joyous period they thought it was and new motherhood was met with darkness, sense of shame and belief that they were bad mothers.

The plight of the pregnant and postpartum mother led Dr. Thiam to switch to psychiatry with a desire to specialize in women’s mental health. She began intensively working with pregnant mothers, postpartum mothers, and women struggling with infertility and child loss. She also helped with their mood issues surrounding menstrual cycles/menopause. While leading a mother-infant dyadic therapy group the last two years of her residency, she would recruit a group of perinatal mental health experts in the military and general civilian to edit a manuscript (Perinatal Mental Health and the Military Family: Identifying and Treating Mood and Anxiety Disorder) to provide insight and help. While this book is targeted toward military personals, it can be used as a guide for non-military civilians.

If you are finding that you are unable to experience the joy of motherhood and feel like you lost who you were prior to pregnancy- please come and meet with Dr. Thiam. Come and allow her to work with you to rise out of the darkness of depression that is robbing you from experiencing the joy of motherhood.



Therapist, Childhood Specialist

Two concepts that describe my therapy style are creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Life is full of stories and not one client has the exact same story to tell. That is why I utilize enjoyable therapeutic activities that tailor to a client’s specific needs and build a nurturing environment for my clients to express their feelings.

My specialization is with working with children and adolescents. I feel that In order to reach younger clients its important that they allow me into their world. Once this is established, I am able to teach therapeutic and pro-social skills on the clients developmental level. I also believe that therapy is ongoing and doesn’t just stop when the client leaves the office. That is why I give tools to my clients and their families to work on in between sessions to optimize success. I invite you to come and see me at Future Psych Solutions as a first step towards the path to wellness.




It is with commitment and pleasure that I serve adults, children, adolescents and their families, using a strength-based, eclectic approach. For 20+ years, my blessings and joy comes from assisting diverse populations to reach their maximum potential applying therapeutic interventions, active listening, and empathy. Although sometimes painful or frightening, let us take this journey together in a safe environment. “We can’t change what we don’t confront”. I am prepared to hear you with compassion and without judgment. Please accept this invitation to have a conversation.

  • Age: Adults, Adolescents, and Children
  • Ethnicity: Any
  • Modality: Individual, Family, and Group
  • Gender: Any
  • Religious Orientation: Any
  • Education
  • Master of Arts (MA) – Counseling – Webster University, 1998
  • Bachelor of Science (BA) – Criminal Justice with an emphasis on juvenile delinquency – SC State College, 1982

  • Special Interests
  • Trauma Issues
  • Emotional Disturbance
  • Gender Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Life Coaching
  • Children with Inappropriate Sexual Behaviors
  • Relationship Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Behavioral Issues
  • I’m ready to help you through your life journey, call me now to begin the process of true life change!



    Therapist, Performance Therapist

    Jerome Hall MSW.LISW-CP, LCASA. Mr. Hall studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies at Syracuse University. He continued his education at Syracuse University earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Mr. Hall was a student athlete at Syracuse University where he played Varsity Football and Lacrosse for the Orange Men of Syracuse.

    Mr. Hall achieved twenty years of experience working for The New York State Office of Children & Family Services providing counseling and clinical services for youth and families in New York State juveniles justice facilities. He directed and facilitated a Batterer’s Intervention Program providing weekly classes and therapy to men dealing w/issues of violence or anger toward their love ones.

    Mr. Hall taught classes on Family Violence as an Adjunct Professor at Lemoyne College in Syracuse New York. He is a passionate National Speaker specializing in Family Violence, including Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.

    Mr. Hall is Self-motivated and initiator of new programs and projects to address societal issues. In 2007 he was bestowed the Verizon Award for Community Education on Domestic Violence. He was awarded the 2008 Social Justice Award from Syracuse University and in 2010 the Vera House Special Appreciation Award in recognition of outstanding contributions in the mission to stop Domestic Violence.

    Mr. Hall consults with the National Consortium of Academic & Sports to educates college athletes, professional athletes, military personnel and high school students about gender violence. He has trained thousands of athletes and hundreds of coaches.

    Mr. Hall in collaboration with Syracuse University, Center for Court Innovation and The United States Department of Safe & Drug-Free Schools secured a research grant to provide Gender Violence “Train the Trainer” model for Syracuse University Students in 2006. In 2010 Mr. Hall relocated to the Carolina area where he is an elected member of the Board for National Association of Social Workers- SC Chapter representing the Catawba Region.



    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified

    I believe that mental health is achieved through addressing all areas of each unique individual, including mind, body, and spirit. My specialty is medication management for a variety of mental health needs, across the lifespan. I recognize that there are many factors that contribute to the decision to treat with medicine. I want everyone I partner with to receive the tools they need to make a comfortable and informed choice. This approach involves time spent educating on options, potential side effects, and anticipated benefits of medication. In our sessions, we will also talk about non-medicinal options that will support your care and provide relief. I believe each person is uniquely created, and deserves care that reflects one’s own individual qualities. Our initial appointment will be one hour in length, giving us time to get acquainted, and time to explore your symptoms, concerns, and treatment options. I offer 30-minute follow up appointments and 15-minute follow up appointments thereafter, depending on your needs. Your treatment plan will be customized to fit your needs and goals. I appreciate the opportunity to partner with you to achieve your healthiest self! Additionally she was trained as a student and post graduate by Dr. DuBose and works closely with him when she cares for her clients. My background includes 20 years of care as a registered nurse, primarily in the intensive care unit. I enjoy being outdoors, and love spending time with my husband, our 3 children, and our bulldog.

    Age:Elementary-school age through geriatrics



    Religious Orientation:All


    Cedarville College (now Cedarville University), B.S.N., 1998

    University of South Alabama, M.S.N., 2017


    Beck Depression Inventory (BDI)

    House-Tree-Person (Projective Assessment for Children)

    State-Trait Anxiety Inventory

    Clinical Experience

    Primarily in an outpatient clinical setting, for children, adolescents, and adults/senior adults.

    Special Interests

    I am qualified to treat a wide variety of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and stress-related issues. I have presented in lecture and written format on self-care and resilience.



    I am a doctoral-prepared psychiatric advanced-practice nurse who completed her PhD in Nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. I completed my post-master’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Certification at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and my Master’s in Nursing Administration at the University of Southern Mississippi. I also am certified as an Addictions Advanced-Practice Registered Nurse. My certification as both a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and Addictions advanced practice nurse allow me to treat common mental health conditions and substance use disorders across the lifespan by providing evidence-based pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions. I adopt a patient-centered and trauma-informed approach to patient care and embrace motivational interviewing techniques to facilitate health behavior change. In addition, I have been a registered nurse for over 24 years, and I have volunteered as a recovery support advocate and nurse educator for 13 years in a faith-based residential program working directly with various community partners and recently incarcerated adults (mostly parents) affected by substance use. Ultimately, improvements in the health of individuals and families in South Carolina come from long-term recovery from mental health and substance use. As a researcher, educator, and clinician, my focus is on developing interventions for families affected by mental health and substance use problems through working with families and communities in order to improve long-term recovery outcomes. I look forward to partnering with all of my patients in order to improve mental health functioning and well-being through comprehensive pharmacological and nonpharmacological treatment approaches.